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OSSI-1 Amateur Radio CubeSat launched

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The OSSI-1 CubeSat along with BEESAT-2, BEESAT-3, SOMP lifted off on a Soyuz-2-1a with Bion-M1 and some research/commercial satellites from Launch Complex 31 at Baikonur in Kazakhstan on Friday, April 19 at 1000 UT

The launch vehicle initially went into an initial elliptical orbit of 290 km by 575 km orbit at an inclination of 64.9°. A series of orbital maneuvers will be carried out to raise the orbit to 575 km circular before the final CubeSat BEESAT-2 is deployed at around 1100 UT on April 21.

The Center for Operation of Space Ground-Based Infrastructure said the satellites attached to the outer surface of the spacecraft “Bion-M” will be deployed in the period between the 4th and the 35th orbit.

Korean artist Hojun Song DS1SBO has spent 7 years developing his Open Source Satellite Initiative satellite OSSI-1. He has designed and built it from scratch using readily available components rather than expensive space qualified hardware. The launch cost him $100,000.

It has a 12 WPM CW Morse code beacon on 145.980 MHz, a data communications transceiver on 437.525 MHz using AX.25 packet radio and carries a 44 watt LED optical beacon to flash Morse Code messages to observers on Earth.

When deployed the OSSI-1 145.980 MHz Morse Code beacon will send “OS0 DE OSSI1 ANYOUNG”.

Open Source Satellite Initiative blog

The OSSI telemetry data format spreadsheet can be seen at

The development of the satellite has been documented on the Open Source Satellite Initiative Blog and the Wiki

Details of other amateur radio CubeSats on the launch can be seen at

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